A Month-Long Experiment with Stylebook

I had fully intended to have used the Stylebook app for a month and be ready to review it by now, but it turns out that taking pictures of every item of clothing you own is very time consuming. You would think I would have remembered that from the time I did it before, but no.

So now I am going to use the app for the month of November. Which is good, because November’s weather has been up and down, and it’s only been a week. So now I use the app in conjunction with my weather app. When I wake up, I check the weather for the day and then can go straight to the type of clothes that work for the weather.

It’s really helpful because I keep my clothes in baskets on my shelves. This way I can see all my clothes without just seeing folded edges. Having everything picked out before I get up to get dressed makes it even quicker to get dressed because I don’t have to think about what I want while I’m searching for it.

I’m also using it to keep track of what I am wearing for the purposes of my closet cleaning. Having it easily accessible on my phone makes it easier to keep track of it day by day.

NaBloPoMo November 2014

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