NaBloPoMo Week 1: So Close

This should’ve been written yesterday. I meant to write it yesterday. But then I made a pot roast, and had to clean up from making said pot roast. So I forgot that I hadn’t written anything. My bad. I’ll try to make up for it with two today.

In the first week of writing every day I managed to get lost, chart a hat, get really cold (and then not so cold again), panic slightly about making Christmas presents, lose focus, and record a cover video. Some days the writing was better than others. Most often I felt a bit rushed, but I still got it done.

One thing I realized early on in the week is I am not the type of person to return to the “add every entry here” page. I tried reading from it, but there is just too much to go through at once. I added two, but remembering to go back and do it every day is just too much. I’m much more of a work my way through the blogroll and find sites I think are interesting to keep reading and add to a list myself.

I did not do any commenting this week, so that is my goal for next week. Trying to have more conversations and less talking to myself.

NaBloPoMo November 2014

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