How To Create A Post Template

In my hasty preparation for NaBloPoMo, I was looking around for a way to create a template that would have the badge at the bottom ready for me to write each post, rather than having to copy/paste it in from another file every time. All the information I could find said it couldn’t be done on a blog, only the .org ones. Luckily, I found a way, and it is rather simple.

To create the template, I just took advantage of the drafts folder and the “Writing Helper” just below the post editor in the “classic posting experience” (or whatever it is called). I’m not exactly sure if you can find it on the “improved” one.

Anyway, the first step is to gather everything you want to have in the template into a new post. You should set it up to look the way you want it with spaces for the content and all badges/headers/etc. placed so you don’t have to move them around every time. Then, save it as a draft, preferably with a name that references the purpose and the fact that it is a template. For example, I am currently using one called “NaBloPoMo Template”. That makes it easier to find.

When you are ready to start writing a new post, use the “Copy A Post” button. You can search by name (which is why you want some simple name for it that is descriptive) to find it more quickly. When you choose the template post, just replace the title and write your post as you normally would, just around the pre-set formatting.

Hopefully you found this helpful if you are searching for a way to create a template for a series on your own blog. I know it would’ve helped me not have to figure it out on my own.

NaBloPoMo November 2014

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