Obsessive Reading and Library Finds

Actually, I am reading a book I had bought in my Nook library when it was on special for the weekend and I didn’t find any books through the library. But, anyway, I did spend most of today reading. “Pretenders” by Lisi Harrison. I’ve read the “Clique” and “Alphas” series so many times I’ve lost count, so of course I’d been looking forward to reading this one since it came out. Just never got around to it. I’m almost done, because between yesterday and today I have been reading it pretty much every free moment.

As for the library finds, it all started with a fake tantrum about having to watch “The Magic School Bus” (“I don’t like the Magic School Bus!” “Lie. You’re the one who got us started on the Magic School Bus.”) I started thinking of shows that might appeal to both brothers. Did you know that “Between The Lions” had DVDs produce in the past four years, but doesn’t exist in any digital format? Not on Netflix, not on Amazon Prime, not on iTunes. So I set about searching for the DVDs in the local library databases. Jackpot! I figure, it’s about reading, which appeals to the kindergartener, and it has puppets and songs, which appeals to the (“Elmo! Ernie! Grofer!”) tiny one, so it should be a good compromise.

As if we need a compromise. Once the episode was over, another tantrum was thrown about not getting to watch the nest “Magic School Bus”. Still, I should probably get my hindquarters out to the library this weekend. For the DVDs, and to renew the library card I kinda let lapse a few years ago when I didn’t live in town. It’s still the best library around, and in LA county you don’t actually have to live in the town to have a library card there. Which explains why I have five.

NaBloPoMo November 2014

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