What I Learned From NaBloPoMo

Mainly that I can’t manage posting daily. In fact, I kind of resented it about a third of the way through. I felt like I didn’t have enough time to write much worthwhile, at least not really the things I’d wanted to write. At least I have things to write about for the next month.

I also realized I kind of hate writing about writing. I signed up for the daily prompt emails, but most of them just sounded really dumb to me. Not into the “meta” thing, I guess. I’d rather do than just talk about doing, you know?

But, hey, at least I did learn something from all this, right? I think I’ve finally learned that these “challenges” aren’t really my thing. I always end up getting angry and frustrated about having those deadlines. Deadlines only work in the short term for me. Once I miss one, then I just get frantic about the next ones.

So, no more crazy challenges for me, just writing like normal. It keeps me saner that way.

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