Surprise Minion Cross-stitch

One good thing about NaBloPoMo was finding new sites to read. One of those, Little Thread Crafts, inspired me to pick up some cross-stitching again. I used to, when I was younger, but then I got much more into the embroidery than just cross-stitch. Kind of went with my major a little easier.

So reading Little Thread Crafts inspired me to cross-stitch something for my mom for Christmas. unfortunately, I was inspired to do this around 2pm the day before we were to exchange gifts. I wrapped up the supplies with this note:

(Yes, Simpsons fans, that is a poorly drawn, tiny Captain Lance Murdock riding the Whiplash…to be completed in 1994.)

I used this pattern from Crafty Guild on 14 count Aida fabric and was able to finish in less than a week:

It’s a minion! It’s also my first counted cross-stitch. I think my favorite part of this is the slight shiftyness to his eye.

The Christmas Project Curse

I swear, there has to be some sort of curse that falls on a project as soon as you decide it needs to be finished on or for Christmas. A project that would normally take a week ends up a taking four, or anything that can possibly go wrong will.

I was reading Cassy’s post about her husband’s sweater she wanted to finish on Christmas and all that had gone wrong and that made me think of all the projects I set out to create for Christmas. One of which is currently resting beside me, still on the needles, because two balls of yarn arrived a week after Christmas. But that’s a story for next week.

This Christmas I had to scrap one project, barely scraped two others together, and gave an IOU on the aforementioned one still on the needles. I only had one present ready a week in advance, and that was because it was one I was supposed to have made last year.

So, perhaps this year I won’t make it a goal to get any specific project done for Christmas. Maybe it’s best to just start projects with a goal to finish eventually, but not a goal to be Christmas presents.

LEGO Movie Emmet Hat

It’s been a year and the Lego movie is still an obsession in this house. Not that I can remember the last time we actually watched the movie itself, but the characters and “stuff” are still in very high demand. Like this hat:

It’s “Emmet,” the movie’s hero.

Ran into a small bit of trouble with the planning. See, I started with a bottom-up swatch to get the technique for the hat brim, but then I tried to knit the hat top-down. That led to the brim almost pointing straight up. So I had to turn it back around. It was the first time in a long time that I had knit a hat from bottom to top. I usually go top-down so I can make it fit more easily.

The facial features are felt, sewn on with six stranded embroidery floss. I chose to leave off the hair so it can stretch properly and fit for a while. The eager recipient has a big head and a lot of hair.

P.S. – My mom wrote a pretty great flu survival guide for those who live alone. You should probably read that before you get hit with the flu this season.