New Year’s Cliché

I have no clue whether or not that is even the right accented e, but it looked better than the first one I tried.
Anyway, we collectively decided as a society (well, thousands of years ago, really) that something changed between yesterday and today that makes us all need to vow to do random things differently for the next 365 days. And so people around the world are making lists of these things and posting them online.
So, without further ado, here are my “Things to be disappointed about next year” “New Year’s Goals:”

  • Make 10 videos
  • Last year I filmed four cover song videos. I want to make more in the upcoming year, but not just covers. I have some ideas for things I want to try, like editing techniques and things, so I’m making it my goal to do nearly a video a month. But ten was a nice round number that didn’t put pressure on me to have to get one done every month.

  • 52 projects
  • I haven’t had time to sit down and count how many projects I managed to complete in the past year, but I feel like aiming to finish one project every week is a good way to go.

  • 5 patterns for sale
  • I have patterns that have been sitting in my notebook waiting to be written up and such from last year, so I’ve already got a bit of a head start on this. Except for actually sitting down and getting anything done. Also, just came up with the number at random. As my mom gets frustrated with me saying, I wanted a round number, so I went with five.

  • Write one song per month/12 total
  • I used to write songs all the time when I was in school. Mostly from sheer boredom and anger at being stuck in school, but that is another story. Not having things to procrastinate from means I spend a lot more time watching YouTube and less time doing the things I want to do.

  • 2 posts per week
  • This one should be self-explanatory. I know I drop in and out of these types of goals often, but two a week seems like a pretty easy pace. Plus, I have about five in my notebook waiting to be actually written. So, you know, theoretically got a head start there…

  • Complete one year of “Don’t Break the Chain”
  • If you don’t know by now, don’t break the chain is a thing where you have a monthly calendar and cross it off every day you achieve your goal. I’ve modified it to be two goals a month, each in a different color, to be able to change the goals each month.

So, look forward to the recap post fifty-one weeks from now in which I complain about setting completely incorrect goals for the year and not being able to complete any of them.😝

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