Make It A Double

Stroller, that is.

I work for two families with children very close in age. It’s how I started working for both of them really, but beside the point here. So, a couple times a week I take the two youngest to the park. I walk there because it gives the one who needs to nap at 10:30 time to fall asleep on the way home.

I had been using the double stroller one family owned (since their kids are a bit closer in age), but, in a effort to get the oldest to use his own legs to walk to school, it was given away in favor of a new, “big-boy”, umbrella stroller. Which brought up the issue of how to get both “littles” to the park. I searched for an attachment for the new stroller to allow one to stand and ride on the back, but those didn’t exist. So I thought, “Meh, Amazon’s got to have some sort of cheap double umbrella stroller,” and I went searching.

Instead, I found Stroller Links! You can connect any two strollers together, which is great since there was an extra stroller lying in the garage. It doesn’t even have to be two stroller of the same brand like another set of links I saw while searching. This is how we got to the park this morning:

I connected a Maclaren Coast (I think that’s the model) and and UppaBaby G-Luxe. They are slightly different sizes, so there was a bit of drifting back and forth of the smaller one. But it still was really easy to push both strollers together. Except for the fact that the street we started on has too many overgrown bushes and I had to shuffle with one stroller hanging off the edge of the sidewalk, but that really has to do with sidewalk maintenance in LA and not the stroller itself. Simply a learning opportunity that we need to go around the school or cross the street.

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