I Did It Again

Like so many countless times before, I have overestimated my ability to get things done. Or underestimated my love of sleep. Either way, I’ve been adding more and more projects to my list without really getting much of anywhere with them, and now I am really behind.

You see, I’m still working on the Christmas scarf (almost under 20 squares per row, so it will be going faster, hopefully), and a stole that was agreed to be made after Christmas, plus a birthday present for my grandmother whose birthday is in February, and now I’ve added a dress for a contest that ends on Saturday. But with electronic submission I can hopefully finish sewing it up Saturday during the day. I’m pretty good about sewing under pressure. I went to school for it, after all.

The argument is always made that we have the same number of hours in our days as Einstein, Edison, and others who made great contributions to society. But did Einstein have to drive carpool? Did Edison have to do quiet activities during nap-time to ensure a good nap for a two-year-old? Did those people have to try to keep themselves awake another hour after the kids went to bed just to have some time to get (quiet) things done? I didn’t think so.

All of that rant to say, the stole most likely won’t be shipped this week, I’m going to be pushing it on the dress and birthday present, and the scarf is likely to be more of a Valentine’s Day present at this point.

Wait, Valentine’s Day is coming up? Crap, I have to start those presents, too…

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