Stylebook: A Closet’s Best Friend

Back in November, I started what was supposed to be a month-long experiment/review of the app Stylebook. I first learned about the app by watching this Michelle Phan video and decided I needed to try it.

I’ve mentioned before that I clean my closet every three months to cut down the clutter. This app has made the process immensely easier. It’s conveniently on my phone, unlike the spreadsheet I’ve used before it that was too large, so even if I forget to mark it down in the morning I can do it on the go.

I only missed one day of the last three months, which is really good if you know my track record with doing daily things. I got rid of three long sleeve shirts. I wore everything else seasonally appropriate at least once, thanks to being able to remember what I have in my closet.

For the next three months, my goal is going to be planning more outfits in advance. Of course, that means I will have to take pictures of my accessories as well. Like my leggings and vests.

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