Staying Power

Some things have it, a lot don’t.

Take, for example, television. I’m watching season eight of The Simpsons as I write this. That show is as old as I am – technically four months older than me -and not just in the sense that it premiered in 1989. They are currently in season 25. I just finished season 14a (or 20 in Amazon’s numbering system) of Degrassi. Compare those numbers to a myriad of other shows that have come and gone in that time, and it is extremely impressive.

Working with kids, I am often amazed at the things they are just finding that come from my childhood (or before). When the now-5-year-old got an “Alphie” as a present at age 2, I vaguely remembered something like it and asked my mom. She reminded me that I did have one, just with a static, light up face. The four-year-old got a slap bracelet from the dentist (which both his mom and I thought had been banned since we were kids…the bracelet, not the dentist). I even saw a Barney DVD at Target last weekend!

But the biggest “blast from the past” has been the discovery of Pokémon cards. The best part is when the kids were lamenting not being able to play them at school and I got to tell them I was part of the reason they don’t get to take them anymore. It feels nice to be part of the beginning of something. Even if being part of the beginning means we were the ones that ruined it for everyone. Anyway, now I get to take my Pokémon cards out and play them again. Just yesterday I go to reorder them into playing order instead of display order. I haven’t really played with anyone else since elementary school. Though I can’t help but wonder if I would’ve kept playing for longer had I had better friends in middle school…

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