Learning New Things

I’m not good at planning. I’ve probably lamented this before, but I’m also lazy so I’m not bothering to try to find it. Even if I have complained about it (a lot), I’ve yet to do much about getting better at planning.

Until this Christmas present from last year that I am finally finishing right now. It has kind of cemented the fact that I NEED to get better at planning. Not only has it taken way too long to make, I’m actually on my second attempt. Mostly because I just started with a tiny bit of an idea and ran out of yarn twice because I didn’t bother measuring anything.

I’ve also never gotten the hang of planning when I write. Shocker, eh? But I am currently working on a big post in stages for next week, and I am starting to see how this planning thing makes the whole process a little easier. That and some of the other projects I want to do this year are the types of things that will require a little planning to do well.

So, instead of just slapping something together and calling it good, I’m going to start trying this “planning” thing. It’s a stretch, but stretching is good for you.

I’ll let you decide whether I planned this or just threw it together.

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