Can Spring Be Over Yet?

What do you mean it hasn’t even started?

Seriously, ever since the first 90° day back at the end of February the allergies have not let up. That day I walked out the back door and immediately it felt like someone had punched me in the nose. And that night the weatherman’s “teaser” for the news was, “Record breaking pollen alert.” Or something like that. All I really remember was thinking, “Really? Thanks, Captain Obvious.”

It’s been about three weeks of teasing spring weather. Meaning everything has bloomed multiple times. Or the winds just keep blowing things around at random times. Whatever it is, I can’t breathe. Back and forth between my lungs not being able to take in the air and not being able to pull air through my nostrils because they are too inflamed.

No real point to today’s post, other than to say I can’t wait for summer. It might be a million degrees hotter, but at least I will be able to breathe again.

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