Barbies and Bananas

Anyone else remember “Bananas in Pajamas”? Or “Pyjamas” if you were anywhere but the US? It played on US tv in the late 90s, and there were even singing plushie toys (and all kinds of other toys) like every children’s property at the time…and beyond. I got one of those for probably my sixth or seventh birthday (not fifth like I said Sunday. I actually found out they came out in ’96) and carried that thing everywhere.

But, in an effort to have to move less things, it got given to GoodWill because I thought I should give it away. And then I got to missing it. And so, when I opened my birthday gift from my mom, I was ecstatic to find this little guy: 

Original B1 banana, in perfect condition with great sound. Seriously, I think this one is probably in ten times better condition than my original one. And I know his voice sounds way better, because mine sang a lot…

Another thing I had to give up when we had not jobs or money was some of my Barbie ornament collection. Especially my favorite one, the 2000 New Years Barbie in the red dress. Because she is everyone else’s favorite, too. Which is why I was really excited to see her in the box with all the others. 


The ones out of the box are ornaments from the past few years,  but I don’t tend to put my Christmas ornaments away and they are pretty to have out all year round. Which is what I eventually want to do with all of them.

So that means this year’s birthday was getting back things I had lost over the years. Some people wouldn’t find that very exciting, but I am the kind of person who likes getting sock at Christmas. Plus I really was bummed about not having these things anymore.

By the way, this is how B1 got home Sunday night: 


Hey, I couldn’t squish him under a bag, could I? 

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