A Year In Pictures

I come up with some faintly insane ideas. My latest one was a year-long photo project. That’s not an insane idea in itself, but I was going to go about it using polaroids. It only took a few days of research to realize just how expensive that would be ($1.10/photo x 365 days, not to mention buying the camera…) and decide that it would be cheaper to buy myself the DSLR I have been wanting and I could take as many pictures as I want. I take so many pictures already anyway. I managed to take over 125 just yesterday during 20 minutes of a swim class…

So I changed the method of the photo project. Instead of physical photos, I’m gathering them in a Tumblr. A couple times a week I queue up a set of pictures. I have one for each day, of a project I worked on that day. Right now it is going to be a massive amount of cross-stitch pictures. I have a fairly intense project I’m working on a deadline, and some smaller ones that were on a deadline, but since it has passed are now just things I want to get finished already.

Follow my photo project here, and you can also follow me on Instagram and Twitter for more random photos and updates of what I’m doing.

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