Unintentionally Spoiled

I never really understood the hype about spoilers. I mean, so what if you find out something that is going to happen on the tv series you are currently watching? Does it really make it that much less surprising when a character dies or some major twist gets thrown into the story? It’s still a surprise in the fact that the characters are experiencing it as such and if you are really sucked into the story it will get you the same way it would have had you not known.

I do see now, however, how a spoiler could affect you before you get to see the episode in question. I’ve been going through a series on Netflix recently and was looking up a bit of info on the actors when I found out one of the main characters was going to die two episodes later. You get caught up in a bit of, “Do I want to hurry up and get there, or do I want to avoid it for a few weeks because it will be too sad?”

Of course, I’m the type of person who says, “I’ve got to get to that one to see what happens.” So maybe that is why spoilers don’t affect me so much. Reading about what happens pales in comparison to actually seeing it for me, so I don’t care if I know someone’s going to die or get pregnant or arrested. And I’m just talking about teen shows here. Teen drama is some messed up stuff.

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  1. Spoilers don’t usually bother me too much. When I hear a character is going to die, I spend the whole movie or episode wondering when it’s going to happen. One of the most notoriuos spoilers was when The Phantom Menace was coming out, and they released the soundtrack with one of the tracks being – “Qui-Gon’s Noble End”.

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