Orange You Glad it Went Away

I’ve been doing my own laundry since I was…14?. Yeah, I think that was the first year I did my own laundry at camp/summer school. So let’s say I have about ten years of experience.I still don’t consider myself an expert by any means. I don’t sort colors or anything, other than having a pants/sleepwear/outerwear load and an “everything else” load. I have started reading the laundry labels, though.

That’s why this shirt in particular gets hand-washed. It’s supposed to keep it looking nice and help it to last longer. Except I thought I almost ruined is this past week. You see, a certain smallish someone was finishing his “chocolate and banilla” ice cream on our walk back home and managed to get it both of our top halves (and his bottom half). I sprayed it with stain spray before letting it soak in the hand-wash bucket as usual, but that didn’t do much. So I added oxyclean to the water and left it another night. That got the chocolate stain out, but it turned orange.

Mostly. There were a few tie dye-ish yellow places, but it was mainly orange.I set it out to dry, and miraculously the orange started disappearing. (The picture above was the next morning.)

Now it is back to normal. Still, I think I have learned my lesson: No more mixing oxyclean with the hand-wash soaps.

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