Vacation Isn’t All Bad

Yes, you read that right. I took an actual, leaving town vacation. If you read last week’s post (I’m trying to get back to two a week, I really am), you already heard about the nightmare our trip out was. But it got better, trust me.

After we found out American Airlines was going to be no help, a large group of us who were fed up got on the bus to the car rental terminal determined to drive the six hours from Dallas to Memphis. Until we learned they wanted almost $400 for said rental car. Next option.

I had already checked Southwest earlier in the night, and they had tickets on a flight out the next morning for under $150 each. Much better when you consider the car would have also included a motel stay and gas, plus mileage.

So we took the shuttle back to the terminal and caught the DART to near the other airport. Unfortunately, we arrived about ten minutes too late for the last shuttle back to the airport, but Uber runs around the clock.All-in-all, the trip from DFW to Love Field across town cost us about $20, better than we could’ve done with an airport to airport shuttle.

We decided to wait it out until the airport reopened at 4:30, since it was already about 1 am. A nice security guard saw us sitting on a bench by the ticket counters and showed us up the stairs to the lounge where a lot of other people were already waiting, asleep on various chairs and under tables. We were too exhausted to sleep, so we read, stretched, and played games until the TSA Agents arrived and opened the lines for screening. We found a table within sight of the Chik-fil-a and waited until they finally opened at five for some breakfast chicken and biscuits. Then we began waiting for our 9 am flight.

Our departure time began getting pushed back, and we all (there were a few people from the previous flight who had booked this one instead) began having flashbacks of the previous night. Fortunately, our fears were assuaged by the helpful gate attendants who assured us that, if our flight was cancelled, they would actually get us onto the next flight. or at least one of the many flights leaving that day. Luckily, our plane showed up. We departed for Houston only slightly late, and made our connecting flight with no problems.

The rest of our week went just as well as the second day of travel. We ate, we shopped (for a new suitcase because the shampoo exploded in our old one and there was no point in trying to clean it), we watched TV. And I made a thing, which I will tell you about Tuesday. I promise.

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