7 Down, 5 to Go

Once again, I am copping out on today’s post by bringing you an update on my goals for 2015. As you probably don’t recall, I started the year with a list of six goals. And then I shortened it to five after a month. To refresh your memory, the revised list is:

  • Film/post 10 videos
  • Complete 52 projects (large or small)
  • Place 5 pattern on Ravelry for sale
  • Write 12 songs
  • Post 2 posts per week

The most obvious update I can give first is the posting. I have tried, mostly, to get two up each week. Sometimes it is easier than others. I have missed a total of ten, but I may try to get a few extra posted to bring the total to 104 by the end of the year. We’ll see.

Three of the remaining four goals are easy to report on: I’ve made no videos, written no finished songs, and posted no patterns on Ravelry this year. Since I am mostly off this next week, I’m working on remedying at least one of those things.

Now to the counting of the projects:

Project Category Completed Projects
Household sewing (patches, buttons, hems, etc.) 4
Cross-stitch 2
Needlepoint 2
Knitting 6
Rainbow Looms 2
Baking 3
Papercrafts 1
Crochet 1
Painting 2
Building 1
Total 24

A total of 24 projects so far is a bit behind for the 31st week of the year, but Christmas is coming up (I’m planning to write that list this weekend to give me some time to get stuff done) so that will help me add more to that number.

As I’ve expected, I am way behind at this halfway point to the year. But, perhaps I can catch up if I really work at it. Perhaps.

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