The Sad State Of Boy Bands

I don’t know what’s worse: that I can make that statement, or that I did. You see, I started thinking of this a little while back after an exchange in the car with the baby, We were listening to my iPod when he called out, “No! Don’t sing along!” I had to inform him that I was not singing along, songs just used to have harmonies. That got me thinking about why I don’t particularly like the boy bands of today, like One Direction, but I still love LFO, Backstreet Boys, N*Sync, and New Kids on the Block (♫ The right stuff ♫ Seriously cannot even think their name without getting that stuck in my head).

(This is the song we were listening to in the car.)

These groups were just as manufactured as the current groups are, but they were much better at being a group. Probably because the had a few years of development instead of being thrown together on a TV show and expected to produce an album and concert tour immediately

Another big thing that I feel is missing is a true harmony. I guess it’s to be expected when you have five guys who were auditioning to be the next big solo star and tell them they are now part of a group. You can tell these guys are all trying to be the Justin of the group and trying to launch their solo careers before the group has properly had time to establish.

Basically, boy bands of today could really benefit from realizing they are part of a boy band. (And perhaps working on hitting their notes. Yikes!) Maybe I’m just missing the “performance” element that brought them all together. Newsflash: those other four guys aren’t your back-up singers, they are your bandmates.

What do you think of boy bands, current or old? Did you have the posters on your wall growing up, or think they weren’t “real music”?


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