I have a lot of it. Mostly on my head:Sorry for the selfie. I was being lazy and didn’t want to set up an actual camera to take a good picture of my hair.

I’ve been thinking a lot about hair lately. Mostly that I need to cut mine. Because it is still a million degrees outside and my hair spends most of the time looking like this:I also realized through taking these pictures that I need to color it again. Hard to see what color it is when it’s in a knot at the top of my head.

The other reason is the inevitable back-to-school lice outbreak. Big brother has been sitting between two other kids who have been diagnosed, and then had a playdate with someone who was diagnosed right after. So the house now smells like a strange mix of tea tree oil and peppermint. My head included. It’s our best efforts to keep the bugs at bay.

I’ve found some really good information on preventatives measures aside from what to put on your head as well. Apparently the freezer is your friend in preventing the spread. Putting hair brushes and accessories in a plastic bag in the freezer can kill any lice that may be there. Which is why I’ve just done that with the kids’ brushes. I didn’t bother with mine since I shove my hair up into a ponytail/bun and rarely actually brush it anyway. Maybe now isn’t the best time to cut my hair…

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