We Need (to count) Change

<p>It’s easy to say that kids today are too dependent on technology. But is it really their fault? This year’s high school freshman really have never known a world where people don’t carry cell phones everywhere. I got my own cell phone when those kids would have been three, but my parents and grandparents had them since the late 90s, along with a lot of other people. So it’s understandable that they think they won’t need to know certain things. The title has probably already given away where I am going with this.</p>

<p>I took the boys to the sandwich shop Sunday and the total came up to $16.06. Not wanting to get a bunch of change back, I gave the girl $20 and a quarter. Now, before you retail workers start groaning about getting change after typing in the cash, I handed her both things at the same time. She was impatient and pushed the button before I even handed her the money.</p>

<p>She turned to the girl next to her who was making the sandwiches and said, “I don’t know how to make the change now with the quarter.” To which the girl replied,” I don’t either. I think there’s a calculator here somewhere.” Eventually the cashier got a piece of paper and wrote out the math, twice.</p>

<p>I guess I should be impressed that she could actually do the math to figure out the change. But it makes me question why no one knows how to count back change anymore. Seriously, they teach how to count money in school. Why is the counting back of change not part of that? It’s relevant whether you ever have a cashier job or not. It helps to make sure you are getting back the correct change.</p>

<p>On Friday I went to the gas station and the man at the counter actually counted my change back to me. I thought it was nice, and something that rarely happens anymore. Then I got to see why it really needs to happen. if we don’t teach it in schools, it at least should be part of the training manual. How can employers send out cashier’s who can’t do such a crucial part of their job as making change without the computer? Just makes the whole business look bad when it happens.</p>

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