Hello, Old Friend

I have so many projects to share from the past few months, but, since it has been so long, I just want to ramble a bit today. I think it has a lot to do with the rain, really.

You see, while I was fording the rivers that have taken over the streets of the valley today, I was thinking. I love the rain. I used to share that love of rain with my best friend, despite the fact we lived in the desert and rarely saw any. When we went our separate ways for college (ok, I went and he stayed), we would tease each other when it started to rain in our respective locations.

Unfortunately, it has been years since we last talked. But I still get the urge to pick up the phone and send that text when it starts raining. Heck, I could even send pictures now…

So the rain gives me a melancholy feeling more than anything. And it tends to make me wish that I didn’t have to leave everything behind to move on. But you can’t move forward if you hold on to the past. One day I will really get there. Like the rain washing away the dirt (and trash, which is why all the streets are flooding), I need to let go of the past and forget about it so I can keeping going.

Sorry for the sap. I know it’s obnoxious. But I sometimes get tired of just thinking these things to myself and have to get it out of my head. Plus, this line of thinking goes along with all the, “It’s arbitrarily a new year so we all need to change ourselves now!” that goes on at this time of year.

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