If You Don’t Expect Too Much From Me

This time of year is very resolution-heavy. After being sloths and eating junk for the entire month of december, we feel the need to completely change our lives. You know, for the next week or so.

While some people resolve to be better, others use New Year’s resolution time to set themselves goals for the year. I’ve tried that, a couple times. And one thing I’ve learned from the experience: I don’t like expectations, even when they are self-imposed.

It always goes well for a while, until I make the first mistake and/or just get tired of having to do those things. THe former comes from a sense of, “It’s already wrecked, why bother?” apathy while the latter just seems to be my nature.

You see, I just started reading Harry Potter. Like, for the first time ever. And, holy crap, it is really good. But I categorically refused to read it or watch the movies when I was younger because they were so hyped and popular. I also refused to listen to Good Charlotte for a year after “The Young and the Hopeless” was released. That’s how much I tend to try to avoid bandwagons.

I just don’t like being told I’m supposed to do something, even if it is something I really want to do and I am the one telling myself to do it. So I’m ditching resolutions, goals, or whatever else you want to call it in hopes that I will get more things done. Mind you, I still have my numerous to do lists, but those just help remind me what I had started doing in the first place.

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