Owl Hold Your Water

I mentioned last week that I had posted a few owl-themed projects on Tumblr which caused me to be followed by some owl-related blogs. One of those projects was this little water bottle holder:

After getting new lunch containers, the little one’s lunchbox would no longer fit his water bottle as well. So I decided to quickly pull together a bottle holder that could attach to the handle of his lunchbox. He was really into owls at the time, and I just happened to have the felt around to make this little guy.

I cut out the felt pieces and sewed the parts together before sewing it to the outer layer of the rectangular part. I sewed the ends of the rectangle together to create a tube, then sewed a circle the circumference of the water bottles to the bottom. At the top, I made a casing and threaded a string through, adding a pull tab to tighten it securely around the top of the bottle.

To attach it to the lunchbox, I just pulled the empty holder through the string, wrapping the string around the lunchbox handle. Then it was ready for the bottle to set in and the string to be pulled close around it.

V-owl-entine’s Day Gifts

I’ve made a few different owl-themed projects this past year that I have featured on my Tumblr. This has lead to me getting followed by several owl-themed blogs that I have followed back, so my dash is usually sprinkled with owls. When I started to think of Valentine’s for the kids, owls immediately came to mind. Especially after “Superb Owl” Sunday the previous week.

If I was not lazy, I would’ve started working on those during the week. But I am lazy, so I scrambled to find something I could make quickly on Satuday night. There wasn’t time to go to the store, so I had to pick something I had on hand that would be quick to put together. I pulled out my wool and looked up this tutorial on Pinterest for a general guideline.

I made one set on Saturday to give Sunday morning, then I was able to make the second set on Sunday to leave out for Monday. I even managed to only stab myself about ten times total, and I didn’t bleed on the owls. I’d call that a success.

Forcing Myself to Have Fun

Sometimes I get myself going on too many projects at once. They aren’t even really projects, more like too many tasks in the day. I can make myself so busy with little things like laundry or updating my Tumblr queue that my day fills up before I know it.

It leaves very little time for the things I actually want to do, like sewing, knitting, playing music, etc. (Although Tumblr isn’t exactly a chore, but setting my queue after leaving it for months can be.) So sometimes I have to hijack my own to-do list and prioritize a fun thing for a week. Sure, I did start my laundry before I sat down on my bed to start demoing some songs, and I got back to it when my hour was up. But I had to set aside an hour to just sit down, write, and record a bit.

I’m always trying to get everything else done before letting myself do what I really want, and I usually run out of time. That, or my brain shuts down and refuses to do anything other than watch Parks and Rec or play video games. I’m trying to sneak more fun into my schedule. So far my brain is liking the idea.