Golden Birthday

I turned 26 on Saturday, which means it was my “Golden Birthday.” And it was definitely a special one.

First off, this is where I spent the afternoon. It was amazing! They played two sets and at least two encores. It was also my first rock show, and the first concert I’ve ever been to where everyone in the audience was a fan of the band. You didn’t really have too many people who weren’t excited to be there.

I took some video as well, but the image quality is too poor to post. Those were mostly for me to listen to later anyway. And to show the boys the next morning.

The merch table had a really good deal on both records. They were $20 apiece, but you could get both for $30. Better than you could find at any actual record store. I also got the shirt that has been one of my favorites of theirs for a while.

The family I work for gave me these really cool Vans. They are the 50th anniversary woven leather ones. I would’ve worn them to the concert, except I had tweaked my ankle terribly earlier in the day and had to wrap it and wear high tops. I’ve never been able to wear slip-ons with my ankle wrapped. But I did get to wear them shopping the next day.

On Sunday, we raided the vinyl section at Barnes and Noble to spend my gift card. We attempted to go to Kohls, too, but somehow we forget every year that they close on Easter. We did that last year, too. Anyway, managed to find myself four more records for the collection and had a bit left on the card so I found a bound collection of Batgirl comics that continues the story from the digital issue I got a while back through a survey or something. I don’t really remember, but I got hooked on the storyline.

All-in-all it was a really great way to spend my birthday. How did you spend Easter weekend?


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