Another Try

I make things. I think we’ve established that here, right? While a lot of times I make things for a certain purpose, I often want to make more things but don’t have a need for them. Enter Etsy. I had a shop back in high school, and another with my mom around five years ago, but those got put to the side for either school or just lack of interest/direction.

This time, though, I have a better idea about how I want to do this. There are a few things I already have in the works, and I’ve currently got two things available. One is this pair of fingerless mitts I made for that shared shop I mentioned. The other is the amethyst and silver necklaces that I originally designed for my grandmother’s birthdays (and apparently forgot to ever write about anywhere…) and liked so much I decided to make more.

Two things isn’t much to open a store for, so think of this as the soft open (chosen to coincide with the unveiling of Etsy’s new layout and not much other reason). I want to officially open (with ten listings) on May 1. Looking at that, I just had a mild panic. But I’m sticking to it. In the meantime, as things start popping up, you can use the code April20 to get 20% off this month.

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