Zoo Day

Today was a public school “unassigned day” (code for unofficially observing a religious holiday that much of the student population would’ve skipped school for anyway), so I took the oldest to the zoo. I couldn’t remember the last time I had taken him to the zoo, so I knew it was probably long overdue.One of the good things about going to the zoo on a public school holiday is, even though more people are there than during the week, fewer school groups are milling about. That means you don’t have to fight through a mass of fifteen kids from a class to see the animals.We also got to see these two brother giraffes duke it out. If you’ve never seen giraffes fight, it’s pretty interesting. They just kept butting up against each other and swinging their heads into each other’s sides repeatedly.There were also a lot of animals out close to the fences. I think today was the first time I’ve ever seen that elephant that close and not behind a tree.

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