Winter Mitts

Since Inktober is over, I’ve decided to start another project. Not a daily one, this time, but a weekly one. I’ve done so little knitting this year that I’ve decided to make a pair of mitts a week now through Christmas.

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Working on something new today. #knitting

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I decided to start with this yarn I had leftover from a Christmas present I made a few years ago that I had wanted to make myself mitts from since I finished said present. I didn’t use a pattern, but I based the design on the pattern I used for those original mitts.

It starts with a garter knit band around the hand, and then had an arm part that I couldn’t remember, so I just knit in ribbing, with a bit of a thumb gusset, until it fit the way I wanted.

These I’m keeping for myself, but the upcoming ones are going to be headed for my Etsy shop. Just a way to get myself making more things. Especially things that are simple and can be taken along when I go places, since my current cross stitch project is a bit of a pain to drag along.

Harry Potter and the Second Round

After my success with the first Harry Potter costume, the six-year-old requested that I make his cosutme as well. Apparently it is really easy to forget how you did something after a few months.

Eventually, after studying the pictures in the previous post many times, I remembered what I had done to make the coat.

I dyed the muslin black and set to work making the coat.

I also had to find the original picture I had used for embroidering the crest. 

It’s amazing how long it took to see the crest this time, considering I had done the last one in just one night. But I was in more of a time crunch last time.

I finished the crest and attached it about one week before Halloween.

Once again, I also made a scarf to go along with the jacket. But I got glasses from the costume store instead of having to make some from sunglasses.