Something Different

Because I never have enough things I’m doing, right? Recently, we had an outbreak of monsters and bad dreams around here. So I made some “emergency” dream catchers for the littles out of supplies I had laying around. I cut the ends off a circluar box and covered it in electrical tape, then used some leftover yarn to weave it.

Turns out, dream catchers are super addicting to make. So I’ve started making proper ones with metal rings and suede string. I like to make felt feathers, though, because real feathers get too messy and they get messed up easily.

Look for these to be hitting the shop soon!

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Shoe – Illustration Friday

Prompt: Shoe

Materials: 4×4 watercolor artist tile, watercolor paint, micron pen size 01

Just a little shoe study for this week. I typed “shoe” into Google and picked a bright one.

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