A Month-Long Experiment with Stylebook

I had fully intended to have used the Stylebook app for a month and be ready to review it by now, but it turns out that taking pictures of every item of clothing you own is very time consuming. You would think I would have remembered that from the time I did it before, but no.

So now I am going to use the app for the month of November. Which is good, because November’s weather has been up and down, and it’s only been a week. So now I use the app in conjunction with my weather app. When I wake up, I check the weather for the day and then can go straight to the type of clothes that work for the weather.

It’s really helpful because I keep my clothes in baskets on my shelves. This way I can see all my clothes without just seeing folded edges. Having everything picked out before I get up to get dressed makes it even quicker to get dressed because I don’t have to think about what I want while I’m searching for it.

I’m also using it to keep track of what I am wearing for the purposes of my closet cleaning. Having it easily accessible on my phone makes it easier to keep track of it day by day.

NaBloPoMo November 2014

I Cleaned My Desk…Temporarily

I lost my keys last night. This happens quite frequently lately. See, I have a bucket for them in my closet, but most of the time I just drop them on my desk. Which would be fine if I didn’t do that with everything.

Seeing as I had to work this morning and needed those keys to get into the house where I work, I decided to “clean off” my desk. Not really clean it up in any real sense, but take everything off until I found my key. I ended up removing all this stuff:

(except the towel that was already on my bed) from this desk:

My handy laptop and desk phone can give you a sense of size there. The bed is queen size, for reference.

Quite a bit of stuff to be shoved into such a small area. So I sorted it all on my bed, made piles by category…and then stacked all those piles back onto each other and put them right back on my desk. Like I said, I didn’t actually clean anything up. But it is now an “organized” pile rather than the overflowing mountain it was before.

And, for the record, I found my keys on the desk chair, not the desk itself.


To put it mildly, I’m terrible at it. Absolutely, positively cannot make a plan ever.

Ok, not entirely true. I make tons of plans. It’s my follow-through that sucks big time. I usually get about halfway through whatever it is that I’ve made my detailed plan for, say “meh”, and wander off in some other direction. Seriously, I even planned out exactly how many squares I had to make each day for my 400 stitch pattern experiment around this time last year. But I didn’t manage my 60 day goal. In fact, I think I still have at least 50 to go to finish the book. I’m close, but at an average rate of one every week I’m not going to finish that one any time soon.

As someone once said, “The definition of insanity is doing something over and over and expecting a different result.” Yet here I am, once again making a plan for a long-term project. Only difference is, this time I really do have a deadline.

You see, I’m making a scarf for someone to give to her daughter for her birthday in October. With the ever-(un)reliable shipping times of the major delivery companies in this country, I decided that means I should probably send this off in early September for its trek halfway across the country.

From there, I came up with this:

A little calendar of sorts that tells me which days I need to knit two rows, which I need to knit one, and where I should be hitting milestones like half- and whole-repeat sections.

I’m doing fairly well, so far. I did just create this on Tuesday. But I have completed all the rows I need through Sunday and am now counting each individual row as a single row day starting from the day I need to finish. That is what the black slashes indicate. Hopefully I can keep plugging along at this pace and finish it up in mid-July on my “vacation”.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed this works as motivation. That way I might be able to do it more often.

New Year’s Organization

I have a lot of things to keep in a single room. This means I have to keep my things well-organized so I can find anything. It’s a good thing I have a minor addiction to Ikea, both the food and the furniture. Well, probably not good that I am addicted to their food…

Anyway, thanks to Ikea I can fit all of my clothes into my closet, and I have a separate space for most of my shoes. You see, my closet doesn’t have drawers, only shelves. I managed to turn those shelves into drawers using the Skubb boxes of different sizes:

Don’t mind the multi-colored labels hanging awkwardly off the boxes. Those are just temporary until I remember to get my actual label maker. As you can see, I’ve also got my boots stacked on the bottom shelf and a shelf in the middle for makeup, hair stuff, and my bathroom caddy. Plus a little mirror, because I get ready in my closet in the morning. Trust me, much easier than sharing the bathroom mirror with a four-year-old who takes twenty minutes to brush his teeth because he spends nineteen of them making faces into the mirror.

I also have some drawer organizers holding my socks and underwear. They stack really well, and all i have to do is reach in from the side to grab anything. Which is good because they are on a shelf above my head.

I also have the buckets meant to go on the Grundtal bars hanging on the…whatever that thing is. I think it’s a tie rack? But it might have also been for shoes. Feel free to enlighten me in the comments, because I just don’t have a clue. All I know is my buckets hang perfectly to keep things out of reach of little hands. At least when I have the door closed. If I leave it open, I can’t find my keys because they get thrown somewhere into the closet.

Last but not least we have my newest addition, the Ikea PS Wardrobe that was on sale last week when I bought it.

I have most of my shoes grouped together into the shoe boxes, along with socks, slippers, and flip-flops in the short shelves at the bottom of the Skubb organizer. I had intended on hanging it in the closet, but that didn’t work out. Good thing it didn’t, though. Now I can just pull out a pair of shoes and sit on my bed to put them on my feet. I also had a bit of space to stick my keyboard and its stand next to the shoes. Multipurpose wardrobe!

Organizing, Organizing, Organizing

The house project where I work this year is organization. That means the toys now have a massive bookshelf with a space for every kind of toy, the garage is more accessible, and I have a room now.

Say what? Yep, I’m moving in at work. Not the “put an air mattress under your desk for the days you are swamped with work” kind of moving in. Mostly because I don’t work in an office. But that leads to a new space for everything and coming up with nice ways to keep my stuff. Which means many hours surfing the Ikea website and then more hours wandering through the “Home Organization” section in the actual store.

I’ve also been bitten by the general organization bug. That means I’m off to re-organize my Netflix queues now that I don’t have to keep everything all in one. But I’m going to limit myself in that organization. Because it would be so easy for me to just sit down and make a list of “Fox Shows” and another list for “TLC Shows” and another for “DCOMs”, but I’m forcing myself to only separate it three ways.

My organizational efforts are probably going to be the theme for the next week. Although, I am hoping to finish my current pair of socks and then take a little break from socks for a while. So you should see this whole series of socks tomorrow. Hopefully.