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Oh, What’s This?

I have a habit of signing up on random websites and then promptly forgetting about them. I mean, honestly I don’t use Facebook for anything more than signing into Candy Crush because the majority of my family plays and that’s how I get extra lives and such. I have Twitter, Google+, Ravelry, and that’s about it. Yet I will occasionally come across a new thing and sign up to test it out.

Usually, I forget the log in information in less than a few days and completely forget about the site beyond the random emails within just a few weeks. They end up in the spam bin and that is that. But sometimes they hop back into the regular inbox, and even more rare they pique my interest again.

Which is exactly what happened with Dropr. It is an online portfolio site that lets you upload pictures, videos, sounds, pretty much whatever and put them into different sections. I’ve gone through and uploaded a lot of things into my page and it has been a lot of fun setting everything up.

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Why Isn’t This The Song Everywhere?

Forgive me if you’ve already seen this one, but I just found out about this song today and it’s totally in my head in a good way:

This is “All About That Bass” by Meghan Trainor. Apparently it’s been out since early June.

Seriously, why isn’t this the song this summer? I’ve never heard this one until I saw it on YouTube today. It’s five billion times better than that stupid “Wiggle” song or, ugh, “Take Me To Church”. Seriously, is it me or does that one sound like someone took a Florence and the Machine song and played it down at half speed? And yet, those two horrendous songs are everywhere. I’m liking this one much better.

Don’t even get me started on miss “I-G-G-Y” *wide-eyed Barbie stare*. Ughhhh *shudder*.

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My YouTube Channel Has a Video (Times Like These Cover)

Okay, I had promised Friday, but if you had known me in high school you would know how prolific I am at lying (I swear I printed that and put it in my notebook last night and now it’s gone… I was working on the Powerpoint last night and it was there, but when I opened it this morning it was blank…). Though this one isn’t a total lie. I had said it would happen Friday depending on how my day went, and it went for about 14 hours straight. That said, I did at least film this yesterday:

That’s right, my first YouTube video ever and… it’s a cover. Yeah, yeah, typical. But I wanted to do something different and a little bit fun compared to my normal routine of stitches, more stitches, some typing, more stitches, other kind of stitches, you get the picture. So I played through half of the Foo Fighters “Times Like These” about 70 times and actually got through the whole song without messing up a handful times in there. Of course, those times the camera didn’t focus or there was a weird noise outside.

I know that the camera shakes a bit. Happened because I only have my tiny tripod and every seating surface in the house is horribly backlit when I place my camera on a solid surface. So I had to set it on my tablet, on the bed, with my phone propped up behind it with the forward facing camera on so I could tell whether I was in frame or not. I would liked to have taken a picture of the set up, but the only thing left with a camera on it was my laptop and that would’ve just been too much craziness. I should’ve done it anyway…

Anyway, point is I finally managed to record it. And now my fingertips of my left hand are still numb, but that’s beside the point. I promised something different, and here it is. Well, up there it is…Enjoy.

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