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Friday Fun: Mexican Wrestler Cover Video

I was bored yesterday with about an hour or so to waste before having to pick the baby up at preschool, so I filmed another quick cover video. This time it is “Mexican Wrestler” originally performed by Emma Roberts for the soundtrack to Unfabulous. It just so happened that I was also wearing a shirt from the clothing line inspired by the show. Enjoy:

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Crayon Holder!

You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to make one of these things. It’s just never seemed very practical seeing as most packs of crayons have at least 16 and that is a lot of little slots and a long roll to lug around. But these are dry erase crayons that only come in eight colors, making it actually practical and necessary.

I even included space for the cleaning cloth and the crayon sharpener. Much neater than the plastic bag everything was just thrown in before. Plus, I labeled it so it won’t get confused with all the non-existent crayon holders.

(Sorry for the blurriness. I could’ve sworn that was in focus when I took the picture.)

I used some of the leftover fabric from the bicycle I refurbished a few weeks ago, some elastic, and some buttons I had taken off a pair of shorts that had to be retired to the trash can when they ripped to pieces. The words are just written in my trusty chalkboard markers, with a few layers to make it actually stand out.

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Impromptu, Uneccessary Gloves

I picked up a lovely (now discontinued) skein of Chroma in Buttermint with my last Knitpicks order and was looking for something to make. Then I found these puff stitch gloves.

They call for an 8-ply yarn, but Chroma just so happened to be a 4-ply yarn. For the math-challenged, that means I could hold the yarn doubled to make it exactly the right weight. The pattern also includes the puff-stitch, which was a new-to-me stitch, so it made it a learning opportunity as well.

The Chroma yarn is really soft and fluffy, which made it nice to work with. It also bloomed nicely when I blocked it so the gloves themselves are extra soft.

They are really comfy, except not exactly wearable. Don’t get me wrong, I will probably be wearing them all fall long. But it is nowhere near fall temperatures here. That’s right, I just made a pair of fuzzy, wool gloves right before an over-100° heat wave. It’s so hot they had baseball practice with water balloons on Saturday and cancelled soccer practice today to keep the kids from melting in the park. So these will stay in my drawer for a bit longer before they actually get used.

You can find slightly more technical details on these on their Ravelry project page.

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