I’ve Done Things!

No matter how much I feel like I haven’t done anything but work and sleep. Especially since this week all I’ve done is work and sleep.

But I am really talking about the progress I’ve made on my goals for the year. Despite dropping one, I do have measurable (and good) progress on three of the remaining five.*

For a refresher, this year’s goals are:

  1. Film 10 videos
  2. Finish 52 projects
  3. Write 5 knit/crochet patterns to sell
  4. Write 1 song per month (or 12 in a year)
  5. Write 2 posts per week
  6. Finish 1 year of “Don’t Break the Chain”

I have made the following progress in three areas:

  • 52 Projects

    In the past 8 weeks, I have finished:

    That makes 10 projects. I’m 2 ahead of schedule, and about to finish another.

  • 12 Songs

    I have started creating a demo track for one song which (so far) has complete lyrics. Of course, that can change in the recording process.

  • 2 Posts per Week

    If you are reading this on the website on a computer (not so sure about on tablets, and not if you are reading in readers or email), you can scroll down to the bottom of the left-hand column to see a little calendar of posts. And that calendar is marked on every Tuesday (except one Monday for some reason) and Thursday for both January and now February. They might not always be the best or most coherent things, but I have posted a thing each of those days.

On top of those things, I have a few video ideas kicking around in my brain. They are just going to require some time and effort. So they must wait until I finish the giant shawl. There are also those three knitting patterns I started that I mentioned in the original post. So I am starting to have unusually high hopes for attaining my goals this year.

How are you doing on your goals for the year?

*Sidenote: That’s why I was having trouble. How the heck did I end up with six goals? Six isn’t a round number.

I Was Going To

write a nice recap post of my work on my New Years’ goals. But I have been running after small children, prepping things for said small children, and taking said small children nearly everywhere in town today. And, when I sat down for ten minutes during nap time, I chose to use my limited laptop battery (because you never remember to plug it in when you want to use it) to pay bills.

Curse my wanting to be a responsible adult and all. So I will write that post and finish the other three I am writing to hopefully get myself back on track. Because it so matters to anyone else that I keep to my self-imposed posting schedule…


Is the kind of day I can’t pull myself together long enough to focus my eyes.

I’m exhausted. I’ve been counting down to bedtime since lunch, and I think I’m going to make it an hour earlier than usual. The Beatles said, “All you need is love.” Today, I say, “All I need is sleep.”

And so, even though I am only one and a quarter repeats from the end of one scarf and less than a ball of yarn away from the end of the other (hopefully, since that is all I have left), I am going to bed without doing any more work. Hopefully I’ll be more awake tomorrow.

Staying Power

Some things have it, a lot don’t.

Take, for example, television. I’m watching season eight of The Simpsons as I write this. That show is as old as I am – technically four months older than me -and not just in the sense that it premiered in 1989. They are currently in season 25. I just finished season 14a (or 20 in Amazon’s numbering system) of Degrassi. Compare those numbers to a myriad of other shows that have come and gone in that time, and it is extremely impressive.

Working with kids, I am often amazed at the things they are just finding that come from my childhood (or before). When the now-5-year-old got an “Alphie” as a present at age 2, I vaguely remembered something like it and asked my mom. She reminded me that I did have one, just with a static, light up face. The four-year-old got a slap bracelet from the dentist (which both his mom and I thought had been banned since we were kids…the bracelet, not the dentist). I even saw a Barney DVD at Target last weekend!

But the biggest “blast from the past” has been the discovery of Pokémon cards. The best part is when the kids were lamenting not being able to play them at school and I got to tell them I was part of the reason they don’t get to take them anymore. It feels nice to be part of the beginning of something. Even if being part of the beginning means we were the ones that ruined it for everyone. Anyway, now I get to take my Pokémon cards out and play them again. Just yesterday I go to reorder them into playing order instead of display order. I haven’t really played with anyone else since elementary school. Though I can’t help but wonder if I would’ve kept playing for longer had I had better friends in middle school…

Valentine’s Gifts for the Kids 2015

In the midst of the many other projects I have going on, I needed to make some quick valentines for the kids I babysit. I originally was trying to make a couple things, but in the end it was taking too long and I just went with the smallest, fastest ones I had.

The oldest boy had found a beaded bracelet in a shop that he liked, but his mom wasn’t about to spend over $50 for a bracelet for a kid. I thought that was a little insane as well, so I decided to go back to another craft I had abandoned a while before and make him one. But what I make for one, I have to make for all. Luckily this was around the time I was thinking of valentines anyway.

I made one for each, with their initial in the middle. That way there will be no fighting over whose was whose. I had originally planned out the pattern, but then ended up messing up early on and created the rest of the pattern as I went along. Once I had one finished, I used it as a template for the rest.

Then, because I decided to give up on the second thing I was making (which will now likely become Easter presents), I was ready to make the cards at 10:00 at night. And I had no red paper. And I had been to the craft store earlier that day to get crimper beads…Anyway, I made the colored paper again and cut out hearts. Then I cut the spots for the bracelets wrong and ended up having to tape the bracelets in place in the back. That is what I get for doing this at bedtime the night before I needed to give some of them.

Some days

Feel like I’m moving through molasses trying to get things done.

I’m inching along on my major projects, plus getting a few other, smaller projects started. It just seems like I’m lacking the focus to sit down and get things done. Or perhaps it’s just that I feel like I have to get everything done immediately and that makes it feel like nothing is getting done in the process.

That and I am exhausted by the end of the day and can’t do much that requires using my brain. Perhaps instead of bouncing back and forth on everything, it might be time to settle into one thing through to the end. That probably sounds like a no-brainer.

Bird-day Presents

Haha, bad pun. Anywhooo….

My grandmothers have birthdays about three weeks apart, so I was looking for something I could make each of them relatively quickly. When I told my mom we needed to go to the craft store to find something, she pulled a kit out that had been given to her. It had two pillowcases with hummingbirds on them. Perfect!

That one got sent out to my maternal grandmother a few days before her birthday. Took maybe two weeks to finish? I don’t really remember. But it was pretty fast, mostly because my mom had already started it. She did most of the light green before putting it down and forgetting about it a bit.

This is where I am with the one for my paternal grandmother. I’m plugging along pretty well. Too bad her birthday is less than a week away. If I’m really lucky I will get it sent Monday. But I’ve still got to finish the backstitch and french knots (grrr, french knots…) plus wash it and let it dry. I should also find a card…Better get back to work.