I Think I Forgot How To Count

They always joked it would happen when I was taking things like trigonometry and calculus in high school. I was going to get so used to working limits and imaginary numbers that I was going to have to write long, complicated equations across the walls of the school when someone asked me “2+2″. I don’t do any of that higher math now, but somehow I still cannot count correctly.

Or maybe I can. I’m not sure. Because working on this particular piece, I am way off in some places and then miraculously get back on track within the next row. I have no clue what I am doing, but it is apparently evening out. I am also so ready to be done with this piece. Which is good, since I need to get it in the mail… oh, yesterday. Too bad I’m not actually anywhere close to being done. (Though I am much closer than I was in that picture.)

Gone to Timbuktu

I wish there was something to show you

Something I accomplished today

But I feel like I’ve gone a few million miles

And there’s nothing really to see

So I’ll lay here in my bed now

And drift right off to sleep

Because I’ve traveled from here to Timbuktu

Without even leaving the city

Slow Progress Feels Like No Progress

I’ve heard it said before that, “Slow progress is better than no progress.” Which is good in theory, but not so much in practice. If I were making no progress because I wasn’t doing anything, that would be understandable and not necessarily frustrating. It’s working for an hour straight and having almost nothing to show for it that gets irritating.

This was three days progress on the background. Closing that tiny hole took three days of work. Granted I only have a couple hours a day to work on this, but it is still disheartening to see it take so much time. Now that I’m on to the hair and skin, it feels like it is moving slightly faster. Only slightly, though. And I have to get this finished by next week to get it sent on time.

Don’t Let Me Loose in a Closing Office Supply Store

I’m going to start by either informing or reminding you that I am a nanny. I don’t work in an office. I’m not even some type of freelancer who does office work at Starbucks. I watch children for a living. And yet, I spent fifty dollars at the Office Depot that is closing and has everything on sale this weekend.

That’s a full set of Sharpie pens, a bunch of felt tip pens, two different kinds of Post-its, some book tabs, and some electrical tape. So they are things that are necessary. Sort of. Still probably a little overboard.

The Downfall of the Background

In painting, colored pencil, basically any medium, a single color background makes the task easier. You just use one paint/pencil/marker/etc. and can use broad strokes to fill in the space more quickly.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t quite work that way in cross-stitch. Sure, you don’t have to stop and change thread very often, except when you run out. But you still have to make each individual stitch. And thousands of single-color stitches at a time can start to drive a person crazy.

Fortunately, I am finally done with the background, but lack of motivation to complete the ocean of yellow has thrown me way off schedule. What started out as 300-ish stitches a day quickly became nearly 700. Which means I better find some more motivation as the picture starts to define itself. Or this birthday gift will become a father’s day gift.

I have go to start these gifts much earlier…

Unintentionally Spoiled

I never really understood the hype about spoilers. I mean, so what if you find out something that is going to happen on the tv series you are currently watching? Does it really make it that much less surprising when a character dies or some major twist gets thrown into the story? It’s still a surprise in the fact that the characters are experiencing it as such and if you are really sucked into the story it will get you the same way it would have had you not known.

I do see now, however, how a spoiler could affect you before you get to see the episode in question. I’ve been going through a series on Netflix recently and was looking up a bit of info on the actors when I found out one of the main characters was going to die two episodes later. You get caught up in a bit of, “Do I want to hurry up and get there, or do I want to avoid it for a few weeks because it will be too sad?”

Of course, I’m the type of person who says, “I’ve got to get to that one to see what happens.” So maybe that is why spoilers don’t affect me so much. Reading about what happens pales in comparison to actually seeing it for me, so I don’t care if I know someone’s going to die or get pregnant or arrested. And I’m just talking about teen shows here. Teen drama is some messed up stuff.

A Year In Pictures

I come up with some faintly insane ideas. My latest one was a year-long photo project. That’s not an insane idea in itself, but I was going to go about it using polaroids. It only took a few days of research to realize just how expensive that would be ($1.10/photo x 365 days, not to mention buying the camera…) and decide that it would be cheaper to buy myself the DSLR I have been wanting and I could take as many pictures as I want. I take so many pictures already anyway. I managed to take over 125 just yesterday during 20 minutes of a swim class…

So I changed the method of the photo project. Instead of physical photos, I’m gathering them in a Tumblr. A couple times a week I queue up a set of pictures. I have one for each day, of a project I worked on that day. Right now it is going to be a massive amount of cross-stitch pictures. I have a fairly intense project I’m working on a deadline, and some smaller ones that were on a deadline, but since it has passed are now just things I want to get finished already.

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