I May Have Gone A Little Overboard


So I saw a tweet the other night from someone who found 90s Nickelodeon fabric at their local JoAnns. “Cool,” I thought, “I’ll look it up tomorrow.” Fast forward to yesterday and me trying to find that tweet again to be sure it really said JoAnns, because I couldn’t find anything other than Ninja Turtles and Paw Patrol.

I decided to just do a regular search and found that there were at least three different shops on Etsy offering it for about $7 a yard. I’m assuming this is probably better than I will be able to find it if it really does exist inside a JoAnns store anyway, so I bought five yards. There’s at least going to be a dress out of it. As well as some other things, I’m sure. I’ll get the whole outfit going.

Puddle Jumping – Illustration Friday


Prompt: rain

Media: marker, colored pencil, watercolor, Pigma brush pen

Paper: smooth Bristol ATC

For this week’s Illustration Friday, I knew I wanted to do rain boots jumping in puddles. I used my brush pen for outlining, to give myself some more practice, colored a layer of marker, then added details with the colored pencils. To give the raindrop effects, I mixed up some light blue watercolor and used a splatter technique with my fan brush.

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Pups Save A Cake, The Remix


Last year I made a Paw Patrol cake for a certain little nugget’s third birthday, using frozen buttercream transfers to make the pups. This year, we did it again, but I decided to do it a little differently.

This time I made royal icing transfers. I also added a non-ghosty Marshall (“I want the ghost, too!”) and Ryder. At first I tried to make letters, but i kept smashing them with my hand as I was writing so i gave up and decided just to write it on the cake the right way around.

We used this strawberry cake recipe. Since the birthday boy loves to bake, he got to help make it. And, since his school was out that week, he also got to help shop for the ingredients. Which wasn’t all that exciting except we went to the grocery store with a Starbucks inside and got our drinks first.

He was very happy with the final outcome, and so were his friends at his impromptu birthday at the park playdate they were having anyway. Then again, you can’t go wrong with sugar on a birthday.

For The Birds


In lieu of an Illustration Friday drawing today, I drew some more pages in my Charlie Harper sketchbook. Today we have the Osprey (above), the Eastern Bluebird and Painted Bunting

And the Burrowing Owl

For most of the outlines, I decided to work on using my brush pen for a little practice. I switched to my .005 Micron pen for the owl because it had so many tiny details and I don’t have that much control when using the brush. I colored with my Prismacolor markers.

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Mixing Things Up


Last week, I posted these inked sketches to Instagram:

I already had in mind that I wanted to cut out the girl in a dress and glue her on a different background instead of just drawing the background behind her, but I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do yet. Mainly I was just thinking of gluing it to a plain piece of colored paper. Anyway, the next day I colored her in while I thought of what kind of background to make.

She's done, now I'm planning her room to go behind her. #drawing

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I wanted it to be kind of soft in contrast, so I thought perhaps a conté crayon drawing. But that got smudged very quickly while I was working and I couldn’t get as much contrast as I wanted. So I changed my mind and did watercolor instead.

Her room is done, just waiting now to see if the glue holds. #painting

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I left her spot blank, because the marker paper is somewhat translucent. So I traced around her with the lightbox and my blue sketcher pencil. I did a rough layout sketch of what I wanted the background to look like, then laid the girl over it so I knew what to draw where.

Once everything I was dry, I busted out the trusty dollar store glue stick to put it all together. I like the contrast between the hard lines and shading of the foreground and the softer, less focused background. It works really nicely together, I think.