The Etsy Strike

As you may know, many Etsy sellers have set their shops on vacation mode this week as a strike against the latest fee hike. For more information, visit

I have set my shop on vacation as well, despite my shop not being very large. I make very little on each sale due to the fees, along with the fact that they basically forced everyone to offer free shipping a few years ago to be included in search results.

Some of the things from my Etsy shop are also available on Ko-fi, and commissions are always open there if you are looking for something custom.

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Monsterverse Episode 1: Endangered Species

I know I just posted on Monday, but I just got this link and wanted to share right away. Ruby is in a cartoon!

A while back, I voiced the character Ruby (the orange one with the fire in that cover image) in the educational game series “Monsters vs Fractions”. I performed her in episodes 2 and 3 of the game, and then a few other things here and there. But this is my first time getting to see her speak in an actual, moving cartoon. I even got to sing in character for the theme song, which was a really fun experience.

It’s also very fun to have something to share of my voiceover work, because it’s usually radio commercials or presentations that I can’t share.

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