Growing Obsession

I did get a bit more than coffee and Simpsons memorabilia for Christmas. One of those things has launched a slight bit of an obsession. I’m talking about the Rainbow Loom.

Here I have four of the bracelets I’ve made so far. Left to right we have the regular bracelet made with two bands in each link, a ladder bracelet, a hexagon bracelet, and the “triple single” bracelet that I made just today. I also have a “hibiscus flower” bracelet, plus I’ve made many bracelets for the rest of the people in the house at the request of the four-year-old who was the first to catch the Rainbow Loom fever at school.

These bracelets are incredibly fun to make. It’s so interesting seeing what you can make just using rubber bands. I think I’m going to work my way through the instructional videos on the Rainbow Loom website. Like I said, making these things has gotten addictive. Perhaps a bracelet of the day on Twitter?

Springtime Gloves


I have a slight obsession with gloves and socks. As in, I own way more of each than I could wear in six months. I also wear gloves way past when it is too warm to do so.

These gloves technically combine both of my favorite things. They are knit with sock yarn, making them light enough to continue wearing when it starts getting warm but your hands are too cold.

The fingerless style makes them great for working on the computer, knitting, or using your smartphone. Anything that requires the use of your fingers.

What is your favorite type of accessory?