The Conclusion of the Bob’s Burgers Cross Stitch Saga

I wrote this last night. I sincerely tried to get it posted, but the Internet was hiding from the computers in our house between 4 and after 10:30 last night. So here it is, only a day late. As seems to be the case with everything associated with this project.

It feels like this project is haunting me. Currently typing this without Internet, almost like the ghost of projects past cut the Internet cable. Or, more likely, someone skidded on the slightly damp California road after this afternoon’s drizzle and smashed the transformer. Yeah, probably the latter.

Anyway, the Bob’s Burgers project. This is the first cross-stitch project I’ve ever “charted” on my own. Basically I just laid a grid over it and marked each box off as I went to keep track of where I was in the process. And I really need to keep track of where I was. I started the stitching on March 23 and finally finished on May 10. That means I spent over a month and a half on this project, but I was only a week late in mailing it.

It turned out pretty nicely, I think. Sure, a bit of the line work is wonky, but you have to remember that by the time I got around to that part I had drawn lines through most of the chart, so it was partially guessing. And for that I think it came out great. Also, considering it is probably just going to get tossed by the recipient to reuse the frame, I probably put way too much effort into it. But, as I told my mom, who cares if he likes it, I mainly made it for the Internet.

You can check out my Tumblr tag for the project for more in-progress photos.

More Drawing Practice

Practice definitely does make better. Remember the charcoal drawings I did? Well, the same day I was getting the charcoal paper and drawing board I picked up a pack of Conté crayons. Slightly more compressed than the charcoal sticks, I think. Not really sure what the difference is other than they are slightly smaller.

Anywho, I had really liked the conté drawings in my art class, and decided to give it a go with a picture off my phone:

N conte portrait

Still slightly wonky, but recognizable as a person at least. Cute, right?

Back To The Drawing Board

As in, I got myself a new drawing board. But perhaps I should back up to what lead me to get one in the first place.

Sometimes I go to the art store looking for something in particular. Most of the time I find it. Usually I waste a bit of time by wandering through every single aisle. Occasionally I pick up something that is totally not on my list. One particular day that happened to be some charcoal sticks. I hadn’t drawn with charcoal since my grade 9 art classes, so I grabbed a pack each of black and white.

Those sticks sat around a few weeks in a bag on my desk, waiting for a project. I finally took some time to sit down with them, a pastel paper pad, and a CD cover I’m not going to name because it came out way wrong. This is what came of that:

Charcoal portrait 1

Pastel textured paper seems a bit too texturized for the charcoal. So I went back and picked up a small pad of actual charcoal paper which worked much better. I also picked up a drawing board so i can angle the paper and not have to worry about it bending. I’ve never been very good at drawing flat. Just look at the original picture for proof. Using a different picture in the album cover, I redeemed myself slightly with this picture:

Charcoal portrait 2

I think I need a wee bit more practice. Bonus points to anyone who can figure out who these terrible portraits are supposed to be.

Illustration Friday: Shiny

“Shiny Pebbles”, pastels on paper.

The first thing that popped into my head with the prompt of “Shiny” was a necklace. I like the effect of balancing the shiny necklace with the shine on the lips. The title comes from one of my favorite shows ever:

“I ask for rich guys stuff and you give me shiny pebbles?” – Dr. John Zoidberg, Futurama (“Three Hundred Big Boys”)

What does the word “shiny” bring to your mind?

Illustration Friday: Heights

Together We’ll Reach the Stars, colored pencil on ATC

When I first saw the prompt of “heights,” I thought of tall buildings. Somehow, this led to someone reaching for a star at the top of a building. We could always use a little help, so it became two working together.