Early Hats

Yes, you read that right. For once I have made something before it was needed and not six weeks after. Or even the day before. Woo!

Remember how I finished those baby blankets about a month ago? Well, I had a ball of the lace yarn left over that I decided to turn into hats for the whole family.

I had to use some sock yarn to create the bottom bands, partly for structure and mostly to stretch the ball of yarn to make three whole hats. Though, they did come out pretty slouchy:

“Father’s Hat”

“Mother’s Hat”

“Baby’s Hat”

They have even been delivered to the recipients, and I got back the cutest picture of all three “wearing” them. I say it like that because recipient number three is still a few weeks away from being born. These are for next winter.

I’ve got to admit, I didn’t take very good notes at the end, mostly because I was juggling trying to take out lots of stitches and replace them. That and I just generally was trying to get these things done. I used the pinecones stitch pattern from that lace baby blanket, and I was kind of getting tired of seeing it. But I think I have enough information to write-up the pattern rather quickly. When I do sit down to write some patterns, that is. I’ve got quite a few to get to, but I’m fully immersed in some more Starry Stoles at the moment. New patterns coming soon, though. I promise.

A Bevy of Baby Blankies

Okay, really just two. But I like alliteration, and bevy if a pretty cool word.

Remember the commissioned projects I mentioned yesterday? Those just happened to be two very different baby blankets. One of a bulky yarn:

And one of a lace yarn:

For the bulky blanket, I chose a rectangular shape with a border motif, center motif, and garter stitch border knitted on at the end. It is kind of difficult to see on the white yarn, but you can tell a little in this picture:

The lace one I just created from the center out in a square until I got sick of knitting on it thought it was a good size.

More details about the projects can be found on the Ravelry pages: Lace and Bulky. When I have time to finally sit down and make sense of my notes, I’m planning to release the patterns on Ravelry. I’ll keep you posted on that progress, along with the family of hats I am working on to match the lace blanket.