Sample Knitting – Bestitched Shawl

A bright knit shawl in pinks, yellows, and greens wrapped around the neck and shoulders of a green adjustable dress form

I recently (as in just this weekend) had the chance to knit a sample of the Bestitched Shawl by Witching Hour Knits in yarn by Rebel Yarn Co for my LYS, The Altered Stitch, for the LA Yarn Crawl. I had three and a half days to finish it, including blocking time. So it was really more like two and a half.
A knit shawl in pink, green, and yellow, being held at a diagonal

I picked up the yarn on Saturday afternoon, and cast off Monday afternoon. Probably would’ve had it done Sunday, but I was working with slightly less yarn than the pattern called for and had to rework the end a few times to win yarn chicken.
A close up of a knit shawl in pink, green, and yellow wrapped around the neck and shoulders of a white woman looking toward the camera

So my advice is, if you want to make this shawl in this yarn, go for 2 skeins and you will have a nice bit left for a matching headband, mitts, or possibly even short socks.

Project Details:

400 yards of Fingering Weight Yarn

Size 8 knitting needles

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