Now I Know My ABCs, Next Time Won’t You Sing With Me

I don’t generally do the “copy these questions to your blog and answer them” things, but occasionally I come across one that looks fun. I found this one on Katie’s blog the other day and decided to give it a go.

A is for age: 22. I was lucky enough to be born in 1990, meaning all I have to do to remember my age is add 10 to the year (10+12=22). After March, that is.
B is for breakfast today: Lucky Charms
C is for currently craving: Nothing yet. I just ate breakfast three minutes ago.
D is for dinner tonight: Probably salad. With avocado, carrot, fried onions, almonds, and other not-so-healthy stuff, but if you put it on lettuce it’s better for you, right?
E is for favorite type of exercise: Avoiding exercise, but I’m trying to get better about that…
G is for gross food: I don’t really eat any gross food, although I would like to try mint fish which many other people seem to think is gross.
H is for hometown: I live in the Los Angeles area, if that’s what you mean.
I is for something important: They are creating a documentary on Caroll Spinney, one of the most amazing artist/puppeteers/people ever. (You may know him better as Big Bird or Oscar the Grouch)
J is for current favorite jam: Most people see this and think food. I don’t like jam, so I’d have to say “Mahna Mahna” by The Fray on the Muppets Green Album.
K is for kids: I watch them for a living, but don’t have my own.
L is for current location: On my couch, in my living room, in my house, on my street, in my town, in California, in the US, on earth. That good enough? I don’t know the names of anything farther out than that.
M is for the most recent way you spent money: Bought a pair of Vans at Goodwill.
N is for something you need: The ability to focus. Seriously lacking that with twenty different projects going at once.
O is for occupation: Babysitter. See letter K.
P is for pet peeves: People with giant vehicles who park in two compact spots rather than finding a place they can fit.
Q is for quote: “I didn’t do it. Nobody saw me do it. Can’t prove anything.” – Bart Simpson
R is for random fact about me: I was an extra in Disney’s Prom and I’ve been an audience member of Minute to Win It and America’s Funniest Home Videos.
S is for favorite healthy snack: Apple sauce, especially the kind that comes in the pouches.
T is for favorite treat: Cookie dough. Lots and lots of cookie dough.
U is for something that makes you unique: I still have a VCR, and it gets as much, if not more, use as my DVD player.
V is for favorite vegetable: I have to choose a favorite? Probably carrots.
W is for today’s workout: I got out of bed, does that count?
X is for x-rays you’ve had: Two or three of my wrist/forearm over the years. Never broken it, though.
Y is for yesterday’s highlight: I bought a pair of Vans at Goodwill. I really like shoes.
Z is for time zone: Pacific. Everything “live” is shot here, and we get to see it three hours later, “previously recorded.” I find that incredibly unfair.


Now it’s your turn. Send me a link if you do this one, too. 🙂