A Minty Hat

Because doesn’t that pattern in those colors make you think of mint leaves?

This is the Zooey by Cassandra Dominick. I made it from doubled fingering weight superwash wool yarn I picked up in Paris this summer. I used US size 9 needles for the body and size 6 for the ribbing.

Okay, technical stuff out of the way, this hat was super easy and quick to knit. Also the yarn I used was super soft, so that’s a plus. I actually “turned the pattern around” by knitting from the top down because I wasn’t sure if I would have enough, but I only used one ball of the main color and about a fifth of the ball of each contrasting color. I’m thinking matching finger-less gloves out of single weight may be coming about soon. Well, soon-ish. I have a ton of other things in line in my mind before I can start yet another project.

Now I only have to wait another two months for it to be cold enough to wear this…