July 4th Treats

I like having excuses to make treats. Honestly, I enjoy making them almost more than I enjoy eating them. So a holiday is a perfect excuse for making something delicious because you get to share it with everyone for the holiday. Like July 4th, which is the perfect excuse to make some red, white, and blue treats. Like these red, white, and blue treats from Rosanna Pansino at Nerdy Nummies:

You know that I had to make these chocolate treats. I even made the yogurt pops, for the little ones.

My mom and I started with the flag pretzels. We managed to snag the last bag of square pretzels from the store, and chocolate covered pretzels are one of my favorite things, so we definitely had to make these. We traded around in shifts to melt the chocolate and decorate the pretzels.

While my mom worked on the red and blue parts of the pretzels, I used the still-warm white chocolate to start on the strawberries:

The chocolate wasn’t quite warm enough, so it kind of created a little ridge when I dipped them into the sugar:

They still taste good, though.

Last but not least, the popsicles:

As was pointed out by the occasionally observant five-year-old, they turned out a bit more pink, white, and blue than red, white, and blue. But they still taste good. Though the 5oz cup may have been a bit large.

All-in-all, it was a pretty good round-up of treats for the holiday week. What holiday treats did you make/have?