I’m Melting, MELLLTING


I swear this thing has been lying to me all week, saying it’s only 90s when it’s really been in the 100s.

I have been unable to concentrate on much for more than a minute this past week. It’s because the temperature here in the valleys of LA has been at least 102 for a full week straight. Add to this the fact that our house has no working air conditioners and I’ve been lying (laying?) on the floor in barely more than my underwear in 110 (at least) degree weather after work every day.

It’s so hot that by the time I get home around 2pm, the water coming out of the faucet is near boiling no matter how high you turn the cold. So washing the dishes is out. Plus, you really wouldn’t want to stand across from the gas stove for very long in the middle of the day anyway.

It’s so hot that even my brain shuts down. Well, not exactly. I guess it just becomes preoccupied with thoughts like, “It’s too hot. Must cool down. Need more ice.” Not really the types of thoughts that help writing or drawing.

The fan aisles of the stores look like the soup aisles of a pre-snowstorm East Coast market. There are one or two things there, but they are beat up and half open already.

I’ve decided that I’m going to find someone with a swimming pool nearby, make friends with them, scope the backyard for security cameras, and then sneak in when they aren’t home.* Because nothing ruins a good afternoon float in the pool like the owners being there.

How’s the weather where you are? Got any tips to beat the heat without A/C?

*Not really, and I am not suggesting that anyone else do this. If you do, I’ll deny ever suggesting such a thing.