Whose Song Is It Anyway?

August is going to be music month here. I feel like I’ve been neglecting the subject lately. Also, I just got a new microphone and had a week home alone to test it out. Here’s my first experiment:

This is just a quick recording of the song “Iko Iko” which has been covered by everyone from The Grateful Dead to Cyndi Lauper to Aaron Carter. I used the lyrics from The Dixie Cups’ version (because they all seem to have slightly different wording) which has been coming up on our house radio a lot lately. I also found something interesting when looking for the lyrics.

In 1953, James “Sugar Boy” Crawford released a song called “Jock-a-mo” with his band, Sugar Boy and the Cane Cutters. It failed to make the charts. About ten years later, The Dixie Cups were in the recording studio and started an impromptu version of “Iko Iko” while drumming on chairs, an ashtray, and a Coke bottle. They had learned it from hearing their grandmother sing it, but didn’t know of its origin.

In 1965, The Dixie Cups’ version became a hit and James Crawford sued. The suit was eventually settled with Crawford making no claim of ownership or authorship, but receiving 25% of public performances. It didn’t end there, though. In 1990, the band’s former manager, Joe Jones, filed a copyright registration alleging he and his family had written the song. The band sued him after he licensed the song outside of North America. In 2002, the jury unanimously affirmed The Dixie Cups were the sole writers of “Iko Iko”.

It seems crazy that such a simple, catchy song could create such legal controversy spanning over forty years. Perhaps that helped it stay popular in the long run. In addition to the covers, The Dixie Cups’ version itself has appeared on the soundtrack to many movies, TV shows, and even commercials.

All information is from this Wikipedia article. It’s a really interesting read, if you want more information on the various versions.

Video Friday: Heart Like That Cover

Happy Friday! It’s almost the end of the first week of NaBloPoMo, which means I’ve posted six entries in the past six days. Granted, some were not very long, or coherent, but I made through the week anyway. This post makes number seven on day seven.

Like I mentioned yesterday, today’s entry features a video. I thought a Friday video would be nic after all that reading. Though there is quite a but of reading to be done here, too. So, video first, more writing after.

This particular video was filmed using the trusty “stack a bunch of stuff on each other to make the camera taller” method. Because that is totally a thing. No really, it is. Just trust me.

That’s the camera on the desktop tripod, on the overturned trash can, on my closet step stool, on my cajon drum. I’m an expert macguyverer. Pretty sure I also just made a word up there.

This was the first time I’ve ever recorded sound separately from the video. Usually I’ve just take what my camera records and put that straight up, but this time I ran the keyboard through the computer as a midi keyboard and recorded the vocal track, too. Mostly because I wanted to see if I could then manage to sync the audio and video correctly. Nothing like putting a challenge into a challenge in a challenge. Challenge-ception.

Since this month is all about the challenges, what should next week’s video be? Leave me a comment below with suggestions of songs or any other type of video you want to see next Friday.

NaBloPoMo November 2014

Friday Fun: Mexican Wrestler Cover Video

I was bored yesterday with about an hour or so to waste before having to pick the baby up at preschool, so I filmed another quick cover video. This time it is “Mexican Wrestler” originally performed by Emma Roberts for the soundtrack to Unfabulous. It just so happened that I was also wearing a shirt from the clothing line inspired by the show. Enjoy:

My YouTube Channel Has a Video (Times Like These Cover)

Okay, I had promised Friday, but if you had known me in high school you would know how prolific I am at lying (I swear I printed that and put it in my notebook last night and now it’s gone… I was working on the Powerpoint last night and it was there, but when I opened it this morning it was blank…). Though this one isn’t a total lie. I had said it would happen Friday depending on how my day went, and it went for about 14 hours straight. That said, I did at least film this yesterday:

That’s right, my first YouTube video ever and… it’s a cover. Yeah, yeah, typical. But I wanted to do something different and a little bit fun compared to my normal routine of stitches, more stitches, some typing, more stitches, other kind of stitches, you get the picture. So I played through half of the Foo Fighters “Times Like These” about 70 times and actually got through the whole song without messing up a handful times in there. Of course, those times the camera didn’t focus or there was a weird noise outside.

I know that the camera shakes a bit. Happened because I only have my tiny tripod and every seating surface in the house is horribly backlit when I place my camera on a solid surface. So I had to set it on my tablet, on the bed, with my phone propped up behind it with the forward facing camera on so I could tell whether I was in frame or not. I would liked to have taken a picture of the set up, but the only thing left with a camera on it was my laptop and that would’ve just been too much craziness. I should’ve done it anyway…

Anyway, point is I finally managed to record it. And now my fingertips of my left hand are still numb, but that’s beside the point. I promised something different, and here it is. Well, up there it is…Enjoy.

Nook Pouch

I got a Nook for Christmas!

Ok, I got a Target gift card for Christmas and bought a Nook, but I still got it for Christmas.

So now I need something to protect it.Why go out and use more of my Christmas money to buy a cover when I can make one?

I found some green and yellow yarn left over from a previous glove project and set about to make a square pouch for my eReader.

Because I like to make things in one piece with minimal sewing, I decided to use a “double knitting” technique. By working every other stitch with a different ball of yarn, I created two separate panels of fabric connected at the and bottom.

I closed 3 stitches on each side at the top so it stays up.

It turned out really well, and keeps the screen safe in my bag. Although, I think I will make one of these covers next.

What kind of accessories do you have/ have you made for your electronics?