A Carry-Some

I’ve created a long list of projects for myself recently. In order to get everything done in a reasonable amount of time, I’ve started carrying some socks I’m working on with me nearly everywhere. Seriously. I was knitting and walking around downtown Burbank the other day wasting time before I had to go back to work.

Anyway, there is no room in my purse to continuously shove the socks, needles, stitch markers, and information card I need to work on the socks at any spare moment. So I needed a way to contain everything and attach it to my bag (or carry it on its own). Luckily, I had a free workshop on Craftsy to make a small drawstring bag. I also had the remnants of some “fat quarters” (a half-yard of fabric cut along the fold) lying around.

The bag came out just the perfect size for all the things I needed to carry to work on the socks I’m currently making.

Plus, the drawstrings let me either tie it to the strap of my big bag or carry it on its own. I even tied it to my belt loop the other day while I was walking.

One Skein Knit Shrug

It had been a while since I had knit a piece of clothing. In fact, it’s been a while since I’ve made any kind of clothing. So I was looking for something quick and cute to start with.

Then I joined Craftsy and saw the One Skein Knit Shrug workshop by Stephanie Japel. It was cute, and only used one skein of yarn. In fact, I actually bought the Cascade 220 yarn (in Plum) suggested for the first one. I never buy the suggested yarn (unless I’m using the pattern on the inside of the wrapper).

Once I got the yarn in the mail, I made the first one. Then ripped it out after having to cut myself out of the sleeves because I had misread my measurements when checking the gauge. But I re-knit it quickly and even managed to make another one before the end of the week for a church auction.

I made the second one of some Lavender worsted weight acrylic yarn I had lying around.

It got finished just a few hours before the fundraiser.

My mom liked them so much she requested a colorful one to be able to wear with a bunch of outfits to work. Her office is can be a bit chilly in the summer.

Now I have to get to work on a silver and blue one with blue eyelash yarn for her gala at the end of the month. I have two weeks. No worries (yet).

When is the last time you made an article of clothing? What was it? Anyone else on Craftsy?