Finished Object – Lined Up Vest

A white woman with short brown hair and blue glasses models a gray and purple crocheted vest over a purple, long-sleeved dress with her right hand in the pocket of the vest.

I’m going to start by saying I did not make any holiday gifts this season. I gave gifts that I had previously made, but I did not make any gifts. But my mom’s birthday is in December, and I did make her a birthday gift. This birthday gift, to be exact.

The front of a gray and purple striped crochet vest laying flat.

This is the Lined Up Vest by Ila Quinn Designs. Now, right off the bat I’m going to point out that I made some modifications. The most obvious being that I didn’t add buttons. You may be able to see the other modification if you are looking at the individual vertical rows.

The front of a gray and purple striped crochet vest with a purple collar laying flat.

I actually made the upper portion and lower portion two different sizes by utilizing short rows. It’s slightly more obvious on the back because there are more in a row. Not only did I combine two sizes, the sizes themselves were two sizes apart. With a little extra math, it worked out quite well.

A purple and gray striped crochet vest laying flat wth one side open, showing off the gray pocket.

I also tacked down the corners of the pockets so they wouldn’t hang down, since I didnt add a closure.

A white woman with short brown hair models a purple and gray striped crochet vest, facing away from the camera to show off the back and the purple collar.

And now for the details:

Size: M/XL, created by adding short rows at the top and using the cast on numbers from the XL size.

Yarn (held double):

– Purple- 539.72 yards/309 grams (4.12 balls) Capri Eco Cotton by Loops and Threads in Eggplant

– Gray- 613.08 yards/351 grams (4.68 balls) Capri Eco Cotton by Loops and Threads in Pewter

Hook: 9mm (M/N)

Finished Object – In the Forest of the Night Cardi(s)

I fell in love with the “In the Forest of the Night Cardigan” by Desamour Designs and decided that it would be my birthday present to myself. And by that I mean I bought myself the pattern and yarn for my birthday and made the sweater several months later.

I made size medium and used a little over 3 skeins of Knit Picks CotLin Reflections in the color Stratus. (Unfortunately, this yarn is being discontinued.) I added a few extra rows to the top of the shoulders to make it a little longer, and give a bit longer armhole.

I had most of a skein of the yarn left, so I improvised a quick kerchief to go along with it.

My mom saw mine and requested one for herself, so as soon as she got me the yarn I got started on this version:

This one is size XL and used slightly over 9 balls of Paintbox Yarns Cotton DK in Pansy Purple.

Once again, I had most of a ball left at the end, but this time I adapted the stitch pattern of the cardigan into a hat.

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Finished Object – X Marks the Spot and Going on a Treasure Hunt

Recently I was able to make a sample of the X Marks the Spot Shawl for The Altered Stitch for the LA Yarn Crawl. I used Tosh Merino Light by Madeline Tosh, starting with Jade and Candlewickheld together as colors A and B.

Velma’s Sweater was color C, and it started giving me awesome 70s vibes. Probably appropriate given the name of the color.

Around this point is where I was able to somewhat memorize the lace portion of the pattern so I was able to work on it while helping with homework.

It also got too long for the section of the table I started on when I added in a pink-toned one of a kind color as color D.

With a red-toned OOAK as color E, the nearly finished shawl was almost as long as the table.

I finished the full shawl in 9 days, and then made a 60% width sample of the short version of the Going on a Treasure Hunt crocheted shawl, moving the colors around a bit to accommodate what I had left of each color. For reference, the colors are OOAK Pink as color A, OOAK Red as color B, Velma’s Sweater as color C (with a small bit of OOAK Pink at the very end of the third section), Jade as color D, and Candlewick as color E.

Final weights:

X Marks the Spot – (On US 10.5 knitting needles)

Jade – 34 grams

Candlewick – 69 grams

Velma’s Sweater – 61 grams

OOAK Pink – 62 grams

OOAK Red – 31 grams

Going on a Treasure Hunt – (On size I crochet hook)

OOAK Red – 44 grams

OOAK Pink – 22 grams

Velma’s Sweater – 39 grams

Candlewick – 23 grams

Jade – 43 grams

I really enjoyed working with this yarn, so much so that I’ve already bought a couple more skeins to work a new shawl pattern I’m developing.

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