Finished Object – X Marks the Spot and Going on a Treasure Hunt

Recently I was able to make a sample of the X Marks the Spot Shawl for The Altered Stitch for the LA Yarn Crawl. I used Tosh Merino Light by Madeline Tosh, starting with Jade and Candlewickheld together as colors A and B.

Velma’s Sweater was color C, and it started giving me awesome 70s vibes. Probably appropriate given the name of the color.

Around this point is where I was able to somewhat memorize the lace portion of the pattern so I was able to work on it while helping with homework.

It also got too long for the section of the table I started on when I added in a pink-toned one of a kind color as color D.

With a red-toned OOAK as color E, the nearly finished shawl was almost as long as the table.

I finished the full shawl in 9 days, and then made a 60% width sample of the short version of the Going on a Treasure Hunt crocheted shawl, moving the colors around a bit to accommodate what I had left of each color. For reference, the colors are OOAK Pink as color A, OOAK Red as color B, Velma’s Sweater as color C (with a small bit of OOAK Pink at the very end of the third section), Jade as color D, and Candlewick as color E.

Final weights:

X Marks the Spot – (On US 10.5 knitting needles)

Jade – 34 grams

Candlewick – 69 grams

Velma’s Sweater – 61 grams

OOAK Pink – 62 grams

OOAK Red – 31 grams

Going on a Treasure Hunt – (On size I crochet hook)

OOAK Red – 44 grams

OOAK Pink – 22 grams

Velma’s Sweater – 39 grams

Candlewick – 23 grams

Jade – 43 grams

I really enjoyed working with this yarn, so much so that I’ve already bought a couple more skeins to work a new shawl pattern I’m developing.

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Juvie Chevron Cowl by Toni Lipsey

This write up has been a long time coming, because this was a Christmas present that I managed to give on Christmas. This is the Juvie Chevron Cowl from The Tunisian Crochet Handbook by Toni Lipsey (@tlyarncrafts).

The recipient’s grandson (modeling it here the night before Christmas because I really went down to the wire on this one) helped pick the color palette, though I ended up having to get different yarn than he helped me pick on the app the night before i

I used about 50g each of the dark blue, light blue, and green, and about 75g of the cream. I think this particular yarn is discontinued, or at least I can’t find it online.

I had to point a fan at the end of the middle while blocking it, because I finished the body 2 days before Christmas while it was heavily raining and super humid. It almost wasn’t ready on time, but that little trick worked and I was able to put the border on Christmas Eve.

I’m still relatively new to Tunisian Crochet, and I can absolutely recommend this book to anyone else who is just starting out. Toni’s instructions and tutorial pictures are incredibly clear and super helpful.

Finished Object – Biased Marie Sweater

Finished my Biased Marie Sweater by Ila Quinn Designs last week and was able to wear it Saturday. I even whipped up a matching scrunchie.It is perfectly oversized, and perfectly 90s neon. This pattern was so nice to work up, too. My only issues were of my own creation trying to work out the stripes on the fly instead of planning it out from the beginning.

Bonus: The original snow outfit that inspired the color palette of this project – 

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