RBG Stitch Along Recap

When Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg died in September, The Fernway Studio announced a memorial Stitch Along through her Snarky and Modern Facebook Group. The pattern was released in three parts, and only using black thread on white aida, with the encouragment to choose your own color pallete .

Somone in te group suggested a red, blue, green color pallete for the RBG of her initials, so I decided to do the wording in a gradient of those colors. And I gave her a golden crown, of course.

It might be the fastest I’ve ever finished a cross stitch piece. I even got it washed and framed well before the election day deadline. As for the memorial part of the stitch along, it was just suggested that we donate to whatever cause we felt best fit her memory. I chose to donate to Jaime Harrison’s campaign to take over Lindsey Graham’s Senate seat. With the recently rushed Superme Court Justice confirmation, it seems I chose smartly.

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Stitch/WIP Maynia 2020

Following up from the second iteration of the block party, I decided to jump into another Instagram challenge. Actually, it crossed over a bit with the end of the block party which ended the first week of May.

The goal of StitchMaynia is to start a new cross stitch project each day in the month of may. I modified my goal to attempt to catch up on the Happy Little Stitch Along. I didn’t achieve that goal, and ended up focusing on this King of the Hill piece, because I decided that this will be a Father’s Day present and therefore need to get it finished.

I also started over on this piece I had intended to be a Hannukkah present…two years in a row. It’s been giving me a bit of trouble, clearly. This is the third time starting over, but third times the charm, right?

This was originally going to be a Christmas present last year as well, but I am really bad at estimating how much time these things take. So hopefully it will be done for this year.

I also started to test stitch some patterns I’ve made. Once I finish the King of the Hill piece, then I will focus on these to get the patterns on Etsy.

That goal of catching up? Yeah, not really. I think I only ended up working on this one day.

I did manage to have three finishes, because I’m counting this as a finish even though there are 8 more characters in the full piece. I’ve also got 10 WIPs left. So a total of 13 pieces I started and/or worked on for Stitch and WIP Maynia this year. Here’s a little gallery of everything in one place:

Now it’s time to finish up the King of the Hill piece, catch up on the Stitch Along, and finish all the rest of these pieces.

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