Introducing My Ko-Fi

As you may already know, a few months ago, I started a Ko-Fi page for my art and fiber projects. But maybe you have never heard of Ko-Fi and don’t know what it’s about, and I haven’t written about it here, yet.

Ko-Fi is a platform for artists and basically anyone to post their work and accept monetary support. This can be through one-time donations, monthly subscriptions, or even commissions. They have even recently started offering shops where you can buy directly from creators.

On my Ko-Fi, I post artwork, finished objects, and works in progress at least a day before I post to Instagram, but often even without posting to Instagram. I even have digital download knitting patterns and some stickers available right now, with more to come, soon.

I have downloadable coloring pages and downloadable art work, some for free and some as exclusives for supporters. I also have commissions open for some things like digital art, cross stitch patterns, and crocheted key chains.

Check it out to see what I have available, and you can follow me there to get updates when I post something new.

Find me on Ko-Fi, Instagram, and Ribblr.