Nook Pouch

I got a Nook for Christmas!

Ok, I got a Target gift card for Christmas and bought a Nook, but I still got it for Christmas.

So now I need something to protect it.Why go out and use more of my Christmas money to buy a cover when I can make one?

I found some green and yellow yarn left over from a previous glove project and set about to make a square pouch for my eReader.

Because I like to make things in one piece with minimal sewing, I decided to use a “double knitting” technique. By working every other stitch with a different ball of yarn, I created two separate panels of fabric connected at the and bottom.

I closed 3 stitches on each side at the top so it stays up.

It turned out really well, and keeps the screen safe in my bag. Although, I think I will make one of these covers next.

What kind of accessories do you have/ have you made for your electronics?