Quick DIY: Rainbow Loom Handcuffs

These are really useful for controlling rambunctious pre-schoolers.

Kidding! But they are apparently fun for them to play with. They are a little nicer than those plastic handcuffs that always break five minutes after you open the package, because these stretch.

They are also super easy to make. Start by using two rubber bands down the center of the pegs. Place a cap band on the end and work like you are making a regular bracelet. Instead of using a c-clip, place both ends on a holder (like a toothpick or some other type of stick).Now make a diamond bracelet using one end of the strand you just made as the cap band, and connect it with a c-clip. Do the same thing again for the other side of the handcuffs, and you are done.

Whole process takes ten to twenty minutes at most. Really super simple, and you can make it in any colors your tiny police officer wants. (Or super villain who likes being put into jail).