A Jeweled Set

(I had hoped to have my pictures edited and uploaded by now, but that seems to be taking a bit longer than I thought. So here’s more crafts and hopefully I will have the pictures up on Wednesday. Friday at the latest.)

I have a friend who happens to love anything purple. I also tend to always have at least one project on the needles at all times. And I try to have that project with me wherever I go. So my friend who loves purple saw me constantly knitting away and requested a hat.

I had a pattern saved in my Ravelry queue from the giant hat project of last year that I knew would be perfect for this project: The Monarch Lyon Hat by Veronica O’Neil. I had a ton of this Caron Wintuk in Evening Jewels Ombre that I knew would be perfect.

Once I made the hat (and still had a ton of this yarn left over), my mom reminded me that my friend also really loves leg warmers. I had just gotten a book with a pattern for a pair of really cute leg warmers, so I decided to try out that pattern as well.

They make a really great set, eh?

I wanted them to be a surprise, so I set them on her doorstep one day after church. I wanted to be sure she knew what they were, so I made little labels for them with washing instructions and everything. Including a brand new logo:

Carrying on with my recent stamp carving obsession, I made myself a stamp. I had been trying to com up with something to make another stamp for, and this time I got a softer material, more like the rubber stamps you buy in the store, or the rubber on the bottom of a pair of sneakers. Much easier to cut into.

Wintery Birthday Presents

My grandma’s birthday was this past week, and with wintery temperatures and storms and such this time of year what better present than a matching scarf and hat set. Wow, that was a long sentence.

Lotus Stitch Scarf and Hat

The hat is made from the Third Base Line’s Lotus Hat, and the scarf is just the lotus chart twice each row with a garter stitch border for five feet.

Detail of scarf
Detail of hat

They were both made from Loops & Threads “Incredible”. Eventually I will become better about posting these things to Craftsy and Ravelry with actual information…

Slouchy Hat

I had never knit anything other than a beanie (okay, a LOT of beanies) before I found this pattern. I had been wanting one, but couldn’t bring myself to buy one before I tried making one myself.

This one is made from the Olympic Tam pattern by Lisa Gaskell. It has bobbles and a yarn-over pattern. I omitted the pompom on top.

One of the interesting things about this project was that you block it over a dinner plate to get the slouchy look.

Do you prefer to make something first, or buy it? What kind of accessories do you like to make instead of buying?

(Also, what kind of information about these projects would you like to see?)